"I think the hare is there." Conversation of Boeing pilots that hit man at Sheremetyevo published 

"I think the hare is there." Conversation of Boeing pilots that hit man at Sheremetyevo published
The deceased

The crew decided to continue the flight after the incident, without realizing what had happened.

The conversation of Boeing-737 pilots with the air traffic controller after the plane hit a man on the take-off runway at Sheremetyevo airport was published. The crew, judging by the dialogue, did not realize what had really happened.

 “Well, we did everything, control release of the chassis, did the cleaning,” a pilot reports to the dispatcher immediately after the incident, adding that they are fine and no remains are visible there.

"I think the hare is there ... could not cause any damage, we continue the flight," - says the pilot at the end of the video.

As previously reported, during takeoff the plane shot down a 25-year-old man, Albert Yepremyan. A criminal case on a crime stipulated in part 3 of Art. 263.1 of the Criminal Code - Failure to Satisfy the Requirements for Ensuring Transport Safety at the Transport Facilities and Transport Vehicles – was initiated.

According to preliminary data, the deceased arrived in Moscow from Madrid and was to fly to Yerevan. However, for some reason, when taking an apron bus for a flight to Armenia, he went to the territory of the runways, where he was fatally injured by Boeing-737.

Some media outlets wrote that Yepremyan allegedly made a riot on board, so after landing in Moscow a protocol was drawn up on him, and then police officers led him to board the plane to Yerevan, but there the man did not get into the apron bus, but ran off to the runway.

When landing in Greece, experts found the remains of the man on the gear legs and holes in the outer elements of the fuselage. It was decided to temporarily suspend the flights of the aircraft.



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