"I’m surrounded by idiots and I could shoot them all." Kerch gunman shared his plans with like-minded ones

"I’m surrounded by idiots and I could shoot them all." Kerch gunman shared his plans with like-minded ones
Vladislav Roslyakov

One month after the Kerch shooting, Roslyakov’s motives are still a mystery.

A month has passed since the day of the Kerch shooting. The investigators have established the route of the shooter and the chronology of his actions; they have studied all the CCTV footage and interviewed over 650 witnesses.

However, the motive for the crime has not been determined. Recently, an anonymous hacker published a message history and attached documents from Vladislav Roslyakov’s social media account he had used under the name of Anatoly Smirnov. The student had conversations with only five people there, who were all his peers and fellow students. Nothing remarkable has been found there, MK said. Roslyakov and his friends talked about school, classes and games. The Kerch shooter was also in a public titled "The world of serial killers and murderers."

He left a few posts there back in March of this year: “I woke up at 5.15, made breakfast and spent 12 hours in front of my computer. On weekdays, I have classes from 9.30 till 16.30. Then I get to spend the rest of the day at the computer. Exciting, isn’t it? 362 days a year like this.

“Why write this? There are a couple of million people like me in this social network alone. I will tell you why – I have practically no empathy. I think I'm a half psychopath.

“I have little interest in talking to people like myself. All feelings are lies, deceit and bullshit. We must hide them from ourselves.

“Also, I’m surrounded by idiots, and I could shoot them all. But it’s bad to kill people. I just voiced my opinion and do not call for killing.”

Vladislav Roslyakov committed a massacre at Kerch College on October 17. The student, armed with a shotgun, shot fellow students and teachers at close range, and detonated an explosive device in the college cafeteria killing 20, most of them students aged between 15 and 20. Roslyakov committed suicide in the college library.



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