“I let my family down”: Yuri Kotler's suicide note published 

“I let my family down”: Yuri Kotler's suicide note published
Yuri Kotler

The businessman refers to his friend in this note, pointing that "things could be different."

Media revealed a suicide note of member of the United Russia’s Supreme Council and businessman Yuri Kotler, who had committed suicide a day before.

The businessman addressed this note to his friend and told about his family problems.

"Kaban, you are a real friend, strange and funny, but real. And I’m not. I love my family, and I let them down. I love my mother, if only she had said at least once that she loved me, things could be different," the note says.

Recall, the body of Yuri Kotler was discovered on Wednesday, May 16 in his rented apartment in the center of Moscow. The man did not get in touch for three days, and his assistant called the police. After the apartment was broached, the cops found Yuri Kotler dead.



A few days before that, he had lost the case on bankruptcy. The bank demanded to recover from him more than 48 million rubles ($770.400) of principal debt, as well as fines and penalties for more than one million rubles ($16.050). The loan agreement was concluded in 2015 - Kotler took the money to buy an apartment in Bryusov Lane. The court ruled to sell Kotler's property to settle the debt.

However, Kotler did not mention the debts in his suicide note.



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