"I just expressed my rebellious protest". Umar Dzhabrailov accounts for shooting in Moscow hotel by concussion

"I just expressed my rebellious protest". Umar Dzhabrailov accounts for shooting in Moscow hotel by concussion
Umar Dzhabrailov leaves police station Photo: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

The ex-Senator from Chechnya positively assessed the actions of law enforcers. He said that the law enforcement officers in the police department had given him tea and buns at their own expense.⁠

Businessman, former Senator from Chechnya Umar Dzhabrailov told his inference of what happened at Four Seasons Hotel in the center of Moscow.

As The CrimeRussia has previously reported, overnight into August 30, Dzhabrailov started a shooting in the hotel room. As Life reported, the businessman took out a gun after dinner was brought into the room by a cleaning lady, not a waiter. The police that arrived at the call detained Dzhabrailov, a criminal case was opened against him under Art. 213 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation – Hooliganism. Now Dzhabrailov is released on an undertaking not to leave.

Representatives of Dzhabrailov reported that the fire had been opened inadvertently: allegedly he was testing a gun that he could not use.

In an interview with RBC, the Chechen millionaire stated that the hotel management and the security service had provoked him to take up a gun. According to the businessman, he was trying to "survive". Dzhabrailov did not disclose the reasons for the conflict with the hotel staff, calling the motive of the disagreements "odious".

"Their disgraceful behavior towards me and my guests drove me crazy. I thought a bit about the war at that moment. The concussion worked. Then, when I realized [what was happening], I immediately discharged the clip, and began to wait in the room when they would come for me. I understood everything perfectly," the ex-Senator explained his actions.

The businessman stressed that he was a "respectable and law-abiding" person and was ready to answer for his deed according to the law.

"Otherwise, I would be neither an officer, nor a man of word and honor. On the other hand, as a man, I believe that I had no other choice. I did the right thing. I had no intention of hurting, injuring, or killing anyone. I just expressed my rebellious protest in this way," Dzhabrailov told RBC.

When asked by the RBC correspondent how the ex-senator assessed the actions of the police during the detention, he cited Vladimir Mayakovsky: "My militia is taking care of me!" Dzhabrailov said that the law enforcers had behaved "defiantly, but correctly and professionally". In the police department, according to the businessman, he was given tea and fed with buns.

"Ordinary boys (duty officers) spent their money on me. Incredible attitude. In addition, I was given three female investigators. Very attentive, professional," he stressed.

It is known that Dzhabrailov shot at the hotel from the award pistol Yarygin, but on the eve the Interior Ministry said that they had not rewarded the Chechen with the military weapon.

"It was not the Interior Ministry, but another organization that awarded me in 2005 or 2006, it refers to the power structures, I can not name more accurately its affiliation," the ex-senator said. At the same time he considered it necessary to add that he had not only the pistol, but also a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

On the eve agency Moskva also reported that the Chechen millionaire had shot at the hotel under the influence of drugs. Sources of the media reported that this was shown by the results of the medical examination. In addition, RIA Novosti wrote that white powder had been found on the floor of Dzhabrailov's room.

The businessman decided to refute this information, calling information in the press slander of ill-wishers.

"I do not understand, if a person is well-known, he is supposed to have the entire frayer set. This is not true," he says.


Umar Dzhabrailov was a member of the Federation Council from the Republic of Chechnya between 2004 and 2009, in 2009 he was an adviser to Russian presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko. He was also engaged in construction and hotel business, founded association of entrepreneurs Avanti. Now he is a co-owner of Avanti StroyGroup, which builds the ZILart housing complex in the territory of the former ZIL. Dzhabrailov is considered one of the closest associates of Chechnya's leader Ramzan Kadyrov.



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