“I hoped Kerch would make them forget about us.” Kokorin and Mamaev waiting for people to forgive them

“I hoped Kerch would make them forget about us.” Kokorin and Mamaev waiting for people to forgive them
Alexander Kokorin

According to the players, the harsh verdict is associated exclusively with people’s hunger for public lashing.

An MK observer and the Butyrka head, Sergey Telyatnikov, visited Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev and asked them about their life in the detention center and their repentance.

Both football players admit that they can hardly endure the public hate anymore. They do not deny their wrongdoing, but they are sure that some media outlets are being too harsh on them. The athletes watch the news and listen to the radio all the time hoping they will finally be left out of the agenda.

 “So many things have happened in the country and in the world since we’ve been placed here. Kerch... We thought they would forget about us, but no, they’re still talking... ” Kokorin sighs.

He is in cell 214 with a cellmate. The man helps Kokorin write back to all his fans. According to the football player, he received 400 e-mails just yesterday, and about a hundred today. Most of them are supportive.

The visitors found Pavel Mamaev in the gym. The athlete says that he practices hard to stay fit and hopes to still play in the major leagues.

 “We made a mistake, we admit it,” Mamaev said. “We are cooperating with the investigation. Unfortunately, this has had no effect on the sentence; they won’t let us out. Why keep us in jail, tear away from our children, our families? They make us believe that’s what people want.”

He added that he understood that it was not an ordinary case and people want public lashing. Mamaev also said they are judged by the public opinion rather than by law.

 “How much time do we have to spend here to change it? Three months? Six months? How long will be enough for people to forgive us and start attacking the prosecutors instead, for keeping us behind bars for so long?” Mamaev asks.

Kokorin's younger brother, Kirill, who is also in Butyrka, agrees that the detention is unfair. He said he was sorry, but they had a reason to beat Denis Pak.

The players now have surveillance cameras in their cells. Everything that happens in “the hut” (as the inmates call it) is now displayed on the screen of the prison head.

Mamaev and the Kokorin brothers were arrested for a series of fights in the heart of Moscow, in which they injured three people. They are charged with hooliganism. Moreover, the Investigative Committee began checking them for extremism after their racist insults addressed to the Trade Ministry official.

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