"I do not know Nemtsov at all" - Zaur Dadaev testifies in court

"I do not know Nemtsov at all" - Zaur Dadaev testifies in court
Zaur Dadaev

The alleged murderer of Nemtsov declared his innocence.⁠

On April 18, former soldier of the Sever (North) Chechen battalion Zaur Dadaev, whom the investigation considers the perpetrator of the opposition politician Boris Nemtsov's murder, stood trial in the Moscow District Court.

At the beginning of the interrogation, Dadaev congratulated all those present on the holiday, referring to the Passover. He said he was not involved in the murder of Nemtsov: according to Dadaev, between September and November 2014, when, according to investigators, preparations for the murder were being made, he was in Chechnya. He noted that he was living with Ruslan Geremeev, his commander in Sever, on Veernaya Street, Moscow. Geremeev persuaded Dadaev not to leave the service, and when the latter did decide, invited him in Moscow.

At the day of the murder, on February 27, 2015, Dadaev was in an apartment on Veernaya Street and practically did not leave home because of illness - he had a cold. He had visited the mosque with Geremeev that day for prayer, but after that he was at home and did not leave the district until the first of March, when he left for Grozny.

Dadaev explained that he initially gave admissions under pressure. He also noted that he did not know who Nemtsov was, and when they informed him about the death of the politician, he got confused him with Berezovsky and was surprised because he was sure that he was already dead.

"I did not shoot at Nemtsov. I do not know Nemtsov at all," Mediazona quotes Dadaev.

Zaur Dadaev, according to the investigation, shot six times in opposition politician Boris Nemtsov in the center of Moscow in the evening of February 27. Nemtsov died from the injuries he had received on the spot. Together with Dadaev, another four people are tried, who, according to the investigation, directly participated in the murder.

The investigation considers Ruslan Mukhudinov, another former serviceman of the Sever battalion, as the organizer of the murder. The lawyers of the injured party insist on interrogation of Mukhudinov and Dadaev chief, Ruslan Geremeev, but he does not officially appear in the case. The whereabouts of Mukhudinov, as with Geremeev, is unknown.



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