"I did not touch with a finger": Court left BMW driver attacking woman at large

"I did not touch with a finger": Court left BMW driver attacking woman at large
Ruslan Vyunov

The court refused to arrest Ruslan Vyunov, who still does not plead guilty

The Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow refused to arrest the driver of BMW Ruslan Vyunov, suspected of attacking a woman who crossed the road with children.

Earlier Alexander Bastrykin, the chairman of the Investigative Committee, instructed to collect all materials for the arrest of the driver of BMW. In court the investigator asked to arrest Vyunov, appealing that the man disappeared from the scene of the crime and was previously convicted. A representative of the prosecutor's office opposed the detention, calling the petition "unlawful and unreasonable". According to Art. 108 of the Criminal Procedure Code on Detention, court may arrest an accused person of a crime for which a sentence of imprisonment for more than three years is provided. The maximum sanction under the article on beatings (Art. 116 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), which Vyunov is accused of, is imprisonment up to two years

Announcing her decision, the judge noted that the imprisonment was only selected in exceptional cases, and the investigator did not provide such information, so the suspect was left at large.

At the trial the BMW driver stated that he did not admit his guilt, adding that he "did not touch the woman with a finger".

"I, when I approached a woman, insisted on calling the police, female witnesses shouted that they should go to school. After the child cried, I realized that I needed to stop the situation, and left. I did not touch her with my finger", Vyunov told his vision of the situation.

As The CrimeRussia had previously written, the incident occurred on May, 5 in Moscow. Ruslan Vyunov rode on his BMW in the 1st Vrazhsky lane, in the same place a woman with two young children crossed the roadway on the pedestrian crossing. The driver did not give way to them and nearly knocked them down. Having frightened, the woman banged her hand on the body of a car passing by. In response to this an angry driver stopped the car, caught up with the woman and several times struck the area of ​​the forearm. After that, the man withdrew calmly, took a seat in a car and drove away in an unknown direction. Moiseyeva took the children to school, called the police, and then recorded the received beatings in the emergency room and wrote a claim to the police station.



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