Human rights defender accused of theft beaten in escort room of Moscow City Court

Human rights defender accused of theft beaten in escort room of Moscow City Court

Lawyers of Igor Nagavkin appealed to the Prosecutor's Office and other law enforcement agencies on this matter.

The members of the convoy regiment of the Moscow police beat human rights defender Igor Nagavkin, accused of stealing, in the escort room of the Moscow City Court, Za prava cheloveka (For Human Rights) movement reports.

"Due to the beating of Nagavkin the movement Za prava cheloveka and lawyers of the human rights activists sent relevant statements to the police, the Prosecutor's Office, the Investigative Committee and other departments," the human rights organization reported in a statement.

The chairman of the board of the Volgograd organization of social and legal protection of convicts and detainees, expert of the Za prava chaloveka movement in the Southern Federal District Igor Nagavkin was arrested on charges of stealing jewelry. Leader of the movement Lev Ponomarev is sure that the criminal prosecution of the human rights activist is "a revenge to Igor Nagavkin for his long and effective struggle for the rights of prisoners, primarily in the Volgograd region".

"I hope that today he will be taken to Butyrka, where he is required to fix the injuries with which he arrived. We wrote an appeal there so that they would pay attention to it," lawyer of the human rights activists Valery Shukhardin explained in a conversation with Mediazona. According to him, another lawyer Farit Murtazin will visit Nagavkin tomorrow. Farit Murtazin will ask the human rights defender about the circumstances of the beating.

In June, Mediazona told about the beatings of prisoners in the Moscow City Court's escort rooms. Several people appealed to members of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) with allegations of torture: they told that the guards were strapping them to metal rings mounted on the wall and beaten. The Moscow City Court explained that the installed rings are designed to restrict the freedom of action of persons held in custody solely to ensure the safety of court personnel.



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