Human rights activists on why Chechen bride took her violence complaint back 

Human rights activists on why Chechen bride took her violence complaint back

The Moscow Crisis Center believes that the young woman was pressurized by her family.

Zaira, a 20-year-old Chechen-born woman, who claimed to have been forcibly taken to the republic to get married, has taken her allegations back. Human rights activists believe that the woman must have done it under pressure. Alena Yeltsova of the Kitezh Moscow Crisis Center About spoke about it in an interview with URA.RU.

A Chechen TV channel featured Zaira’s story yesterday, where she stated for the record that she had not contacted any human rights organizations in Moscow and did not know where they got that information. The woman also explained that she had come to Chechnya voluntarily for the holidays, and she only had issues with her parents because of her poor academic performance.

“She could not have said it otherwise. I will believe that she is going there voluntarily if I see her alone at the airport with her documents. She is in a very difficult situation right now,” explained Yeltsova, adding that the woman must indeed love her parents despite all that and does not want to disgrace her family, so she will never tell the truth in public.

“How bad could her performance have been if she had 98 points at the national exam and was even a tutor?” the center director rightly noted.

As evidence of the woman’s appeal to them, the human rights activist gives screenshots of Zaira’s texts, where the Chechen woman asks for help and is considering various options for escaping from the house.

Yeltsova called “strange” and “absurd” the allegation that are coming from Zaira’s family that the center is “discrediting” the Chechen people and recruiting young women.

“The woman turned to us as a Muscovite; according to the documents she had no relation to Chechnya. To say that we have created a group where we recruit people is absurd”, the director said emphatically.



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