Human rights activists claim Oxxxymiron song provoked Kerch shooting

Human rights activists claim Oxxxymiron song provoked Kerch shooting
Vladislav Roslyakov

The activists ask Roskomnadzor to check the rapper’s songs.

Activist Yevgenia Chudnovets wrote a post on Facebook claiming that the song by the rapper Oxxxymiron titled The Farewell Bell could have driven Vladislav Roslyakov to kill his peers in Kerch. The human rights activist has already filed a complaint with Roskomnadzor.

 “I believe that the video and the lyrics of the song caused the Kerch tragedy. The video and the lyrics, which (I hope) were aimed at gaining popularity and money, and not at mass killings, should be immediately removed unless we want more horrifying murders of our children,” the activist wrote.

Chudnovets added that she had also emailed a request to the ombudsman for children, Anna Kuznetsova. However, the activist hopes that the rapper would be smart enough to delete the song or rewrite it without waiting for the measures to be taken, or else Chudnovets will go as far as getting all his concerts canceled.

The video for The Farewell Bell was filmed in 2009. It features scenes from the Estonian film The Class (Klass) released two years before that.

On October 17, Vladislav Roslyakov detonated a bomb in the cafeteria of the Polytechnic College, Kerch, and then shot anyone he saw on his way. 21 people were killed and more than 70 got injuries. The Kerch shooter committed suicide in the college library.

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