Human remains found in Perm forest may belong to federal judge

Human remains found in Perm forest may belong to federal judge

In the Perm region, human remains have been found. The investigators believe that they may belong to a judge, who went missing a few years ago.

The human remains were found by local residents in the Oktyabrsky district of the Kama River area. Experts from the regional ICR are currently conducting activities to identify the deceased. According to forecasts, the examination can take about two months. However, law enforcement officials already suggest that the remains may belong to Federal Judge of the Oktyabrsky District Court, Dmitry Epanov, who disappeared in 2014.

This conclusion was made in connection with the fact that the personal belongings of the deceased, such as a navigator, a bicycle, and a metal detector, were found alongside the remains. Dmitry Epanov went missing carrying the same things. April 20, 2014, he left home riding a electric bike by Eltreco in an unknown direction. Since then, there was no leads on his location.

A criminal case was initiated following the disappearance of the federal judge; the police promised a remuneration of 300 thousand rubles for information on Dmitry Epanov's whereabouts.



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