“He’s no monster, nor a mobster”: Wife of Kursk crime lord Volobuy denies allegations against her husband

“He’s no monster, nor a mobster”: Wife of Kursk crime lord Volobuy denies allegations against her husband
Dmitry Volobuev and his wife Irina

Irina Volobueva believes that her husband has suffered for the truth and ability to defend his opinion.

Wife of the Kursk crime lord Dmitry Volobuev does not find the alleged crimes of her husband plausible.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, since March 2017, Dmitry Volobuev, known in the region as Volobuy, has been rotting away in a one-man cell of a pre-trial detention facility. The law enforcers charge him with multiple articles of the Russian Criminal Code. Volobuev is accused of two contract murders, arson of a car, extortion and attempted swindling. Let us note that Volobuy has committed one of the crimes together with Vice-Mayor of Kursk, former Head of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate Nikolay Zaitsev. According to the investigation, the crime lord and the official have commandeered 20 indoor parking spaces worth 8 million 200 thousand rubles ($138 thousand) from a businessman.

Despite the serious allegations against Dmitry Volobuev, his wife Irina believes the investigators have purposely attributed the role of a crime lord to her husband.

“He’s no monster, nor a mobster. He’s a regular guy. Talkative and cheerful, sociable. He does not look like a person whom everyone is talking about,” Irina Volobueva told Moskovsky Komsomolets.

According to Irina, her husband has suffered for the truth and ability to defend his opinion.

“Dima has always had his opinion and has been ready to voice it, not embarrassed by anyone. And to defend it, also. Not many people like this, you know,” Irina said, without specifying with whom Dmitry Volobuev could have been on the wrong end.

Irina also claims that she does not know the people on whom, according to the investigation, Volobuy ordered a hit.

“I don’t know anyone, about whom there are rumors going around, who’s filing reports, and with whom my husband could have had troubles. I can’t tell anything even about Delyukin, the one with whom it all started. You know, there’s been a real flow of accusations these three months. What I’m going to say now will seem strange even for me: Dima did not know him, did not communicate, and did not conduct any cases with him,” the woman said.

It is not surprising that Volobuev’s wife, the mother of his three children, defends her husband, denying all accusations against him. However, in addition to his family, the local media also claim his innocence, calling Volobuy a decent businessman, sportsman and generous philanthropist. For example, Moskovsky Komsomolets Chernozemye, citing sources in the law enforcement bodies, reported that the creation of Dima Volobuev’s image of a young sportsman/martial artist had allegedly been an unofficial project of the long disbanded Directorate for Combating Organized Crime. While the image of a crime lord had been developed by the region’s criminals, including the thieves in law. Indeed, Volobuy had not been fond of the criminal world and had had a conflict with the Kursk thief Vitya Pan. However, according to anonymous informants in law enforcement agencies, after a while, the game got out of control. Volobuev actually became a crime lord, significantly expanding its influence, backed by running business in various fields. It is not excluded that the man has been pulling jobs protected by Head of the Kursk Head of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate Nikolay Zaitsev himself; it is no coincidence that today they are united by a single criminal case. Criminal world representatives, who are displeased with the way it is, have twice committed attacks on Volobuy. In 2000, they blew his Mercedes S500. Dmitry managed to survive, but his foot was shattered as a result of the explosion, and the doctors has to amputate it. In 2011, Volobuev was shot several times and received two serious injuries in the stomach.

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