Golodets’ assistant beaten at party of Russian government officials

Golodets’ assistant beaten at party of Russian government officials
Ilya Barinov

Ilya Barinov has gone to the police and written a statement for battery against his attackers.

Assistant to the Deputy Chairwoman of the Russian Government Ilya Barinov was beaten in a fight on a New Year's party in one of Moscow elite bars. It was another Olga Golodets’ senior official – Deputy Head of her secretariat Arseny Yushin – who helped his colleague.

Ilya Barinov has filed a report with the police against the offenders. Assistant to Olga Golodets has admitted that he was beaten during a feast.

“After the fight on Pushechnaya Street in Kadril karaoke bar, Ilya Barinov went to the police. He told the police officers that a few people beat him at the entrance to the restaurant, where he and his colleagues were celebrating the upcoming New Year. It was Deputy Head of Olga Golodets’s Secretariat Arseny Yushin who summoned a police squad to the scene. He also participated in the fight, but did not take any damage,” Life’s source told.

According to him, a total of about 20 people participated in the brawl between government officials and employees of a private company.

“Ambulance and police arrived at the scene. Doctors examined Ilya Barinov and diagnosed him with soft tissue injuries. He demanded that his opponents should be found and proceedings for assault instituted,” the source noted.

Up to 2013, Ilya Barinov worked as head of the Presidential Administration’s Department for Cooperation with Religious Organizations. He has been assistant to the Deputy Chairwoman of the Russian Government Olga Golodets since 2013.

Let us recall that the incident occurred in one of Moscow's karaoke clubs, where the secretariat and assistants to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets were celebrating the end of the passing year. There was a conflict between the officials and other bar guests. As a result of the fight, several people were injured and turned to a medical center, and the officials’ offenders fled.

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