Second suspect in murder of freestyle wrestler Yury Vlasko detained

Second suspect in murder of freestyle wrestler Yury Vlasko detained
Yury Vlasko

Investigators found that one of the killers hit the athlete with a knife in the chest, and the second beat the unarmed fighter armature on the head.

The siloviki detained the second suspect in the murder of freestyle wrestler 20-year-old Yury Vlasko.

The detention was held in Ulan-Ude. The suspect was a local resident of 29 years. Earlier, on August 3, law enforcers detained his 33-year-old accomplice. The ICR in Buryatia does not disclose the names of detainees, but points out that previously men were convicted.

At the interrogation by the investigators, the 33-year-old suspect in the murder confirmed his involvement in the death of the athlete. The man claimed that he allegedly defended himself against an attack of Yury Vlasko.

"However, the investigation believes that the testimony of a suspected young man in the part of his version of self-defense does not correspond to the objective picture of the incident and the testimony of witnesses," the report of the ICR of the region says.

Investigators conducting examinations found that one of the criminals inflicted a blow with a knife in the chest, and another - not less than seven times hit the athlete on the head with armature.

The suspects are charged with Murder (part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code). Men are arrested.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, master of sports in freestyle wrestling Yury Vlasko was killed on the shore of Lake Baikal in the early morning of July 29. The incident occurred near the village of Goryachinsk in the Baikal region of Buryatia, where the wrestler was resting with his friends. Vlasko was killed in a mass brawl, in which his fellow athletes, people from Dagestan, and local residents took part.

Note also that the killed athlete was the son of Transbaikal's authority Vladimir Vlasko, known by the nickname Volodya Khokhol. Vlasko Sr. died 7 years ago also by violent death - he was shot together with the driver at the entrance of the house on October 2010.



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