How Kadyrov did not notice assassination attempt on him

How Kadyrov did not notice assassination attempt on him
Ramzan Kadyrov

Number of arrests has been made and several people have disappeared after prevention of assassination attempt on the Head of Chechnya, which, according to government authorities, had never happened.

The story of the allegedly prevented assassination attempt on the Head of Chechnya, which was reported by journalists from Novaya Gazeta, overgrew with rumors. The Government of Chechnya refuted this information. All this was happening amid suspicious arrests and disappearances of people in the republic, who might be involved in the story.

On 9 of May, 2016 two suicide bombers carried out a terrorist act near a checkpoint in Grozny. One of them blew himself up. Another was killed by police officers. The suiside bombers were 25-year-old Ahmed Inalov and 27-year-old Shamil Dzhanaraliyev. The check of terrorists’ phone calls revealed number of resident of Benoy village, an ex-militant. The detainee, whose name was not disclosed, admitted that he planned to carry out a number of terrorist attacks in the republic too. According to Novaya Gazeta, it was residents of Benoy, who planned Ramzan Kadyrov’s murder.

Rosbalt reported about three versions of the murder plot. According to the first version, a unit of 30 fighters was planned to attack Benoy and kill top officials of the Republic, when they arrive at his residence. According to the second version, ten suicide bombers were to blew themselves up near the leaders of Chechnya. In the third version, militants were to poison water, coming to the Benoy residence.

It is worth noting that a neighbor and a friend of the detained citizen of Benoy turned out to be Beslan, a close relative and friend of Isa Yamadayev. Later, according to Rosbalt, Isa and the Head of Chechnya had a peaceful phone conversation. For information, it was Yamadayev who called first.

In early October of this year, Ramzan Kadyrov called information about the murder plot a " nonsense".

"All these years there were assassination attempts, and I am sure they will repeat, because the dogs which bark at Russia do not like me, the guarantor of the Constitution of the Chechen Republic and a patriot of Russia," Kadyrov said. However, speaking about the instigators of the attacks, he said that he would defend the republic and the country and would "destroy all these shaitans."

The Chechen Government did not left the story of the assassination attempt unnoticed. At first, an investigation on getting a personal phone number of the Head of Chechnya by Yamadayev. According to reports, Isa got Ramzan’s phone number from Valid, the brother of the Head of the Regional Administration Islam Kadyrov. Therefore, Valid had a very unpleasant conversation with people of the Head of Chechnya. Novaya Gazeta reported, that location of Valid was unknown. However, according to Rosbalt, he is alive and is in Grozny now. Beslan, the neighbor of the Benoy militant, was detained later. Then, former bodyguard of Yamadayev Aziz Alviev suddenly moved to the Republic from Moscow. 

Despite all this facts, Kadyrov continues to claim that he has no information about assassination attempt on him.



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