How Glatskih got into Sverdlovsk regional government

How Glatskih got into Sverdlovsk regional government
Olga Glatskih

The woman, who sounds like the official that induced draw-back, told how she was put in charge of the youth policy department.

An audio recording of a woman’s monologue, similar in voice to Head of the Sverdlovsk youth policy department Olga Glatskih, hit the Web. She tells how she got into the regional government, accompanying her speech with obscenities.

“After a week of binge drinking... I lost the election. I thumped at home, did not go anywhere. The Governor calls me and says: "The Governor is waiting for you in two hours, will you be able to come?" audio recording begins.

Then a voice similar to Glatskih admits that at the meeting on September 24 the head of the region offered her the post of the head the youth policy department. The current leader Leonid Rapoport allegedly failed.

“I have no idea what a budget is. They gave me an executive body, but I do not know what to do with it! It was fun. We had no one, no accountants... I don’t know, it’s no good at all!” the audio record states.

Recall, on November 2, Glatskih met with young volunteers in Kirovograd, where she stated that the state did not ask to give birth to children. After the scandal, the official was removed from her duties, and the ICR announced the check on the spending of state funds by the department under the reign of Glatskih. After four hours, the press release of the department disappeared from the regional and federal sites, and the press service refused to explain the reason.

After the removal of Glatskih, she left for Seychelles. According to sources of the regional edition 66.RU, the official goes abroad with deputy of the Sverdlovsk parliament Alexander Serebrennikov. He is listed as the Panorama business hotel owner, where educational activities for Sverdlovsk youth were held.



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