How approach to evidences and inactivity of investigation create ‘wood grouses’. Story of 17-years-old Dasha Maksimova 

How approach to evidences and inactivity of investigation create ‘wood grouses’. Story of 17-years-old Dasha Maksimova
Only Dasha Maksimova’s mother continues to investigate and search a murderer of her daughter

This is a story of how thanks to criminal omission of law enforcement agencies, archive of ‘wood grouses’, chances of solving of which every day thaw, is replenished, murderers of children walk on freedom.

Marina Maksimova goes to the Investigative Committee of Tatarstan every week, as for work. On August 19, 2011 her daughter, 17-year-old Darya was brutally killed. Since then nearly 6 years passed, and the murderer is still not found. Operational work on the case is conducted constantly, Marina Ildarovna assures, but the investigation of criminal case itself is temporarily suspended. There are practically no proofs on the case. And only Dasha's mother continues to conduct the investigation and to look for the daughter's murderer. If not her persistence, then, perhaps, law authorities would forget about this murder, as the Tatarstan’s media already did.

Мама Даши Максимовой

Dasha Maksimova’s mother

This is a story of how thanks to criminal omission of law enforcement agencies, archive of ‘wood grouses’, chances of solving of which every day thaw, is replenished, murderers of children walk on freedom. And how many such murders happen in Russia every year?

That day Dasha was resting on the lake Glubokoye in Kazan, as her friend refused to keep her the company. At about 3:30 the girl called her friend and told him that nine southerners stick to her. The guy immediately gathered friends, and they rushed for the rescue. When he was on midway, Maksimova called back and reported that Caucasians left her alone. The last to talk to her was her daughter-in-law, who heard rustling and a crash on the phone. After Dasha did not answer the calls anymore, she was found by the friends who came to the rescue. The girl was lying in bushes - naked, with smashed head, - near the footpath leading to the bus-stop. As it will become clear later, then it was not more than twenty minutes after attack. It is necessary to tell that police officers arrived quickly and at once announced the plan ‘Interception’. They searched the whole forest belt. The place, where Dasha was killed, is crowded – numerous ‘brochettes’ and cafe around. But nobody saw or heard anything.

На месте убийства

On the place of the murder

Near the place of murder, police officers detained those southerners who stuck to Dasha. One of them had hands in blood. In whole, as the police report, in the first day on suspicion of participation in murder 30 more people, generally natives of the CIS countries, were ‘cultivated’.

Field investigators reported that they “cultivated all persons who worked near the lake Lebyazhiye”, genomic expertize was also carried out, which showed that blood on the Caucasian's hands belonged to a male. When southerners were released, pickets occurred in the city. And the investigation, holding to the ‘Caucasian’ version, gaped proofs and missed precious time when it was possible to obtain valuable information. There was a catch − Dasha's phone which was gone. But billing did not do anything, last time the mobile phone was turned on in day of murder near Tetsevskaya Street, this is in several kilometers from Lebyazhiye lake, the industrial zone and a forest belt is all around there.



After Dasha Maksimova’s death in Kazan there were pickets

Dasha's mother Marina still considers that the crime could be solved without delay.

“I have learned by the experience as investigators can be inattentive. The dog who was tired worked at the place of murder. There was so much of Dasha’s blood that the murderer could not but be soiled. But the trail was not found. In our case they did not investigate clothes, watches and Dasha's jewelry on which there could be DNA traces. The t-shirt with which she was covered was send for examination only a month after murder, and criminalists could establish nothing, it is written so in the case “in connection with the wrong storage”. Because of these omissions investigation does not move”.

How to find the criminal if there is no proofs in the case. It is possible to put forward versions only. One of them, the most probable, − the serial maniac was active. It has become clear that on the Glubokoye lake, girls were attacked also before Dasha's murder. Handwriting in all cases is very similar. In May, 2011 Inna S. with the broken head, but live, was found. Long time the girl was in a coma, but then recovered. She can not remember the attack moment, the blow was struck behind and with very big force.

In July of the same year in a forest plantation on Dekabristov Street near then still the building of the new railway station under construction on Vorovskogo Street the body of the 16-year-old schoolgirl with a craniocereberal trauma was found. The criminal has miscalculated, leaving fingerprints on a body of the victim thanks to what the investigation received a sample of his DNA. But whether it is possible to claim with an accuracy that the schoolgirl was killed by the same person that attacked Dasha? In Dasha’s case there are neither prints, nor hair, nor even a stub. Anyway, all three attacks are similar, and the assumption arises that a serial maniac acts in Kazan. Investigators and field investigators allow also this version. But whom to look for? The investigation has come to a standstill, even without having started.

Not in forces to observe helplessness of the investigation parents of the killed Dasha have addressed psychics. In 2012 Lilia Hegay and Natalya Vorotnikova, visiting the crime scene, the cemetery and Dasha’s home, also put forward the version that the murderer − mentally unhealthy person, and acted not by all himself. However, psychics foretold that the maniac will be caught soon, meanwhile the prediction has not come true.

Дарья Маскимова

Dasha Maksimova

The only thing that law enforcement agencies have, is a psychological criminalistic portrait of the serial criminal.

Most likely, it is a man of 30−40 years, he was brought up in ‘externally safe’ to a family, but since the childhood showed cruelty in relation to animal and younger children. At the same time he successfully studied at school and, perhaps, has the higher education. Goes on foot much, loves the nature, is guided well by areas. Changes in life, some children's trauma could drive him to a crime, or possibly, service in ‘hot spots’.

But under this description approaches nearly the half-countries!

“I can not tell that law enforcement authorities do not work on the case of murder of my daughter at all, but time is missed. I come to police officers and I put forward the version, here, was going to archive to study portraits of criminals psychopaths, maybe, I will find something similar that can give a catch to the investigation. While the ex-chief of police of Kazan Ruslan Halimdarov worked on business, I have been sure that the murderer will be caught just about. He paid attention to any trifle and was going to send some material evidences on business to Moscow for examination, but Halimdarov (the chief of police of Kazan appearing together with the several colleagues in the case of kidnapping in Kazakhstan of the local and flaking to him drugs) has been arrested. Now, probably, was can only hope that the maniac will come to police himself and admit guilty …”



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