Houses in Rostov-on-Don could be set on fire because of land plots 

Houses in Rostov-on-Don could be set on fire because of land plots
The fire quickly spread to dozens of buildings Photo: RIA Novosti / Sergey Pivovarov

In the center of the city about 25 private houses are in fire.⁠

Rostovites, victims of the fire, were threatened with arson. This is reported by Rostov Glavny - news of Rostov-on-Don public page with reference to the local publication

On August 10, in the social network Vkontakte was posted a text with complaints of the owners of houses located on the Teatralny Prospect of Rostov-on-Don. According to them, unknown people offered to buy their land, otherwise they promised to leave nothing. For a hundred square meters they offered from 100 to 600 thousand rubles ($1700-10.100), which in the opinion of local residents was extremely small, because their houses were in an attractive area for developers of the city.

On their objections that for the proposed amount they can not buy anything, they replied that "it's easier to burn you than pay something," one of the newspaper's interlocutors recalls, "they looked like gangsters from the 90's. One of them said that in ten days he should report to head of the Rostov administration Kushnarev that I agree to leave the house on their terms. He says: "I have already bought everything and will be building here".

After that, five houses burned within ten days. The last major fire occurred in Chuvashsky pereulok. On August 7, three houses burned down right away. Local residents say that before the fire they saw someone set fire to the dwelling, but they could not catch up with the arsonist, writes.

We note that the price of 1-room apartments in the high-rise buildings that are being built near this place starts from 2.5 million rubles ($42.200).

Despite the favorable location of this area it is not considered prestigious - people call it Govnyarka (Shit-town). On many streets there is no asphalt, there is no water supply and sewerage to the houses. According to the residents, the authorities simply avoid solving their problems and practically gave up this area to developers.

Since 2004, the company Megapolis, which planned the construction of a shopping and entertainment center in this area, bought land at market value. As a result, according to the old-timers, about 70% of the residents left the district. However, since 2015 the company refused to build a shopping and entertainment center, and the bought-out lands began to be sold to various legal entities.

At the moment, the version of arson in order to "clear" the territory for future construction is considered as the main one by law enforcement agencies, not denying careless handling of fire.

This afternoon in Rostov-on-Don a whole quarter was on fire. Because of the wind, the fire quickly moved to neighboring houses. The area of ​​the fire was more than 6 thousand square meters. Over 500 people were evacuated from houses in the Teatralny Prospect. As the press service of the regional Governor told Interfax, nine people seek doctors’ assistance, two of who were hospitalized.

The fire is assigned the fourth complexity number. 200 units of equipment and six helicopters are involved in it extinguishing. The emergency is declared in the city.

Caption Photo: Fire in Rostov-on-Don
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