House of Liksutov ex-wife fleeced by $394.000

House of Liksutov ex-wife fleeced by $394.000
Tatyana and Maxim Liksutovs

Tatyana Liksutova told law enforcement that she was robbed by a housekeeper.

Jewels for a total of 23 million rubles ($394.000) were stolen from the house of Moscow Department of Transportation Head Maxim Liksutov's ex-wife Tatyana.

According to sources in law enforcement agencies, Tatyana Liksutova filed a request with the police. In her statement she indicated that the jewelry disappeared from her private home with an area of ​​1.5 thousand square meters, located in the settlement Vnukovskoe, residential complex Michurinets. In particular, a set of earrings and rings of white gold with diamonds, three bracelets of white gold with diamonds, a bracelet of yellow gold with diamonds, a women's watch brand Rolex in a case of white gold with diamonds were stolen. In the theft of jewelry Liksutova suspected her 28-year-old housekeeper, a native of Ukraine. The ex-wife of the official believes that the jewelry were being missed from the house during the year. The victim estimated the stolen at 22.8 million rubles.

The police opened a criminal case on theft in a on an especially large scale. The search for suspects and stolen property is underway.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Tatyana Liksutova became the owner of several assets, including offshores, upon her husband's admission to the civil service in 2011. In 2013, during the divorce and on the eve of the entry into force the law on the foreign assets prohibition Liksutova acquired new companies, which her husband previously headed.⁠



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