Hockey player who hit traffic police officer could be gacked 

Hockey player who hit traffic police officer could be gacked
Deceased Yaroslav Vlasov

Yegor Alexandrin has not been detained yet.

Hockey player Yegor Alexandrin, who knocked down police lieutenant Yaroslav Vlasov with his car, still remains uncaught. The 25-year-old athlete has been absconding from law enforcement agencies for 17 days already.

Colleague and partner of the deceased policeman Alexander Balukhtin, with whom Vlasov had worked for three years, resigned from the Chebarkul police of the Chelyabinsk region and elaborated on the details of the incident. In particular, speaking with, he said that on that fateful evening Vlasov, as always, was working at his post. Shortly before the incident, he talked with a driver of the car, which he had stopped earlier for checking. At that time, the lieutenant saw a blue VAZ-2101 and signaled him to stop, waving his traffic wand. The driver of the kopeyka (nickname for VAZ-2101) was almost about to brake, but suddenly changed his mind and put the pedal to the metal. Vlasov was hit. He was thrown up, and then he fell on the hood of the car, which carried him even more than a kilometer on the hood. Soon the VAZ driver turned down a country road. At that moment, the inspector of the Road Patrol Service flew off the hood, hit his head against the stones and lost consciousness.


By that time, the driver of the VAZ was already being chased. Colleagues of Vlasov decided not to go down the country road, but to head the driver off, making a detour. They managed to realize this plan, however, when the traffic police officers had already approached the blue kopeyka, it was empty. The driver disappeared into the forest.

Soon they found the wounded Vlasov. The police officer received an open craniocerebral injury. He was bleeding and in a coma. After 5 days of coma in the intensive care unit, the lieutenant passed away.

The Head of the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry for the Chelyabinsk region Andrei Sergeyev came at the funeral of Yaroslav Vlasov in Chebarkul. Everyone was talking about how important it was not to let the criminal escape from justice. Vlasov, who died in the line of duty, was posthumously granted a state award.

"I worked with Yaroslav for three years, then he served in another crew. Yarik (short for Yaroslav) was my partner, I knew that he would never let me down. Honest, adhering to principles, incorruptible. He was only 26 years old. He had just recently got an apartment, and before that they had rented a room with his wife in a dormitory. They dreamed of children," says Alexander Balukhtin.

"But I do not believe that the criminal could not be detained immediately. Why did not they run after Alexandrin into the forest? One person had to stay with Yaroslav, and the other had to pursue the criminal. But they did not do this. Allegedly it was already dark. This can not be an excuse!" - wonders Balukhtin.

Inhabitants of Travniki, where the incident occurred, are unquiet and talk a lot about what happened. Some believe that the criminal did not stop at the request of the policeman because he was under the influence of drugs – MDPV, also known as 'bath salts'. Other villagers put forward the version that Alexandrin hid in Kazakhstan.

According to the operative information of's insider, after escaping from the Road Patrol Service Yegor Alexandrin, getting to the road, called a taxi and went to Chelyabinsk. There his traces are lost. At present he is wanted. In the past, Alexandrin played for the local amateur hockey team.



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