Hockey player Sokolov’s youngest son to be charged with mother’s murder

Hockey player Sokolov’s youngest son to be charged with mother’s murder
Maxim Sokolov

Examination showed that Arseny Sokolov, 15, was the only stabber.

The investigators are preparing to charge Arseny, 15, the youngest son of the famous hockey player Maxim Sokolov, with the murder of his mother and the attempted murder of his brother, reported the 112 Telegram channel.

The report notes that the teenager has long been the key suspect since an examination showed that he was the one who stabbed the mother and brother. However, there is not enough evidence yet. The elder brother was hospitalized in critical condition and cannot speak.

Arseny was released on bail to his father, but soon will be accused, sentenced and ordered a psychiatric check. Investigators believe that jealousy of the elder brother, whom the parents allegedly loved more than they did Arseny was his key motive.

The CrimeRussia said earlier that the teenager was released after 72 hours in a pre-trial detention center. He was at his mother's funeral, but journalists wrote that he looked detached and was even seen grinning.

The tragedy occurred in the Sokolov family on June 13. According to the investigation, Arseny attacked his mother, Irina, and his 18-year-old brother, Maxim, with a knife. The woman died on the spot, the boy was hospitalized in critical condition. Arseny claims that Maxim was the attacker while he managed to escape to ask the neighbors for help. When he came back, he saw his mother dead and stabbed his brother several times. A close friend of the murdered woman said that her sons could hardly have attacked Irina and believes that it could have been her husband.



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