High-ranking abusers from Ufa turn out to be family men and sports aficionados

High-ranking abusers from Ufa turn out to be family men and sports aficionados
Galiev, Yaromchuk, and Matveev

More details about the police officers who abused their colleague come to light.

It turns out that the police officers, who have raped their subordinate, are people with an impeccable reputation. 

To recall, it was previously reported that on the night of October 29-30, an inquiry officer was raped by three of her colleagues in the building of MIA Migration Office in the Ufa district.

At present, all suspects have been detained, and investigative actions are being carried out with them. A criminal case under two articles, namely Art. 131 of the Russian Criminal Code (Rape) and 132 (Violent Sexual Actions) has been initiated.

It turned out that 51-year-old Chief of Ufa District Police Eduard Matveev, 50-year-old Chief of the Police Department of Karmaskaly District Salavat Galiev, and 34-year-old Head of the MIA Department for Migration Pavel Yaromchuk, who took part in the rape, had previously had positive characteristics.

In particular, according to Moskovsky Komsomolets, Yaromchuk, who made a deal with the investigation and is now a witness in the case, is a fan of a healthy lifestyle; as FMS Inspector, he participated in the Winter Games among the staff of the Migration Service and even took the second place in darts competitions (throwing darts at a round target). It is also known that in 2009, he got married, which was even covered by the local media sources. 

As for Matveev, he has recently boasted to journalists about the high rates of detection of grave and especially grave crimes. In his 2017’ report, he paid special attention to “strengthening of discipline and legality among personnel.” 

For example, according to him, 80 employees were disciplined in 2017. As stated in the report, in order to reduce disciplinary emergencies with the participation of personnel, quarterly training sessions were held with personnel; in addition, heads of departments would visit their subordinate employees at the place of their residence. It is noteworthy that in the evening on the eve of the incident, Matveev and his colleagues were drinking alcoholic beverages.

A preventive measure for the police officers is currently being elected; a forensic medical examination has been appointed in respect of the victim. Some sources say she is the daughter of the deputy head of the National Guard in Bashkiria.

The MIA press service reported that officers of the General Administration of Internal Security of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs have been sent to Bashkiria to check information about the commission of a serious crime against a police officer.



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