“Power” methods of main fighter against extremism in Ingushetia 

“Power” methods of main fighter against extremism in Ingushetia
Timur Khamkhoev

The arrest of the Head of the Ingushetian MIA’s Center E has touched off a flurry of claims from the relatives of people, who had been tortured by his department. Although it is believed that he has gone to jail as a result of inter-clan clashes.

The Magassky City Court (Ingushetia) has extended the detention of former Head of the Ingush Center for Combatting Extremism (CCE) Timur Khamkhoev. A criminal case under Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Case (Exceeding Official Powers) has been initiated against him and three of his colleagues, including his deputy. It is based on the fact that employees of Center E had been torturing people, in some cases with fatal results. Moreover, one of the operatives is charged with murder.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, July 15 last year, officers of the Ingush MIA Center for Combatting Extremism were securing false confessions under torture from a married couple. 39-year-old Mariam Dalieva and 50-year-old Magomed Daliev were forced to confess to a robbery of Rosselkhozbank’s office in the town of Sunzha, which had occurred a few days earlier. During the interrogation by force, the man died right in one of the Center’s offices.

Initially, Daliev’s death was explained by a heart attack, but later during investigation, it became clear that he had been strangled.

All the while, Novaya Gazeta points out that, most likely, the real reason for Khamkhoev’s detention was the intrigues of his enemies. Therefore, initially after the arrest in December 2016, he was charged with extortion. And only later, a more serious episode was added to the case. It should also be noted that Magomed Bekov – Head of the Sunzha department, in which the torture of Daliev took place – has been of no interest to the investigation. He is currently at large.

However, after learning about the investigation against Khamkhoev, new victims, who had previously been silent, began to appear. “Before, nobody believed that employees of the Center E could be brought to justice,” Tom Tsechoev’s lawyer said. She is currently in charge in the case of Magomed Aushev, who was brought into the Center E’s building in December 2014 for shooting at a wedding. After some time, Aushev's relatives managed to get him out, extremely exhausted after being tortured, and even have a criminal case initiated against ‘unknown persons’. However, up until Khamkhoev’s detention, nobody took interest in this case. It was reopened as late as January 18 this year.

Victims and their relatives intend to seek consolidation of their cases on the fact of torture in the Center for Combatting Extremism and their transfer to the North Caucasus Federal District. They are not counting on the local authorities.

For example, another victim of torture, as well as a possible witness to Magomed Daliev’s murder – Magomed Aushev – has been shut up in a pre-trial detention center. Before that, he had already served a sentence (6 months) under the article with which he was charged, and was released into home detention; but recently, he has been once again placed in the detention facility. He was arrested on suspicion of car bomb attack on the same day as the Dalievs couple. He was interrogated in the next room, and he could hear everything. Later, Aushev passed a note: “They subjected me to electric shocks, beat me with blunt objects, put a black bag on my head and strangled me - they tried to force me to admit to something I didn't do. If it wasn’t for Daliev’s death, they would continue torturing me.”

By the way, the extortion, for which Khamkhoev was originally detained, did occur. The crime took place November 9, 2016 in the town of Karabulak. Armed men, who said they were police officers, stopped a car of an Azerbaijani citizen and took him away in an unknown direction. At some point after the beatings, he gave them his Audi A6 and the mobile phone. After that, the victim was released; the criminals demanded him to give 800 thousand rubles for the return of property and “non-disclosure of information about his romantic relationship with a woman of Ingush nationality” within one month. Later, security officials found several dozen cartridges as part of the operational activities in the CCE head’s house, as well as the victim’s car in possession of one of Khamkhoev’s relatives.

Caption Photo: Traces of torture on the body of Daliev
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