Head of Chechen Supreme Court found signs of corpus delicti in his deputy's actions

Head of Chechen Supreme Court found signs of corpus delicti in his deputy's actions
Deputy chairman of the Supreme Court of Chechnya Takhir Murdalov

Earlier the deputy was allegedly beaten by speaker of Parliament of the republic, Magomed Daudov, known as the Lord.

Chairman of the Supreme Court of Chechnya Alavdin Gardaloyev said at a meeting of the Highest Qualification Board of Judges (HQBJ) that he finds “signs of corpus delicti” in the actions of his deputy Takhir Murdalov, Mediazona reports.

Gardaloyev refused to sign a positive characteristic issued by deputy chairman of the Supreme Court of Russia Vladimir Davydov concerning Murdalov. He also transferred the inspection statement of financial and economic activity of court to HQBJ. According to the Supreme judge, the check revealed serious violations. In addition he transferred the act to the Ministry of Internal Affairs as “there can be signs of corpus delicti in Murdalov's actions.”

The chairman of the Supreme Court of Chechnya said that the most serious violations were allowed when Murdalov headed the court. He noted that “proceeding decisions” have already been made concerning two employees of court. Representatives of the board noted that Murdalov did not get acquainted with the check materials. Therefore the question of extension of his powers on a post of the deputy chairman was postponed.

In the fall of 2016 it was reported that speaker of the Chechen republic parliament Magomed Daudov also known as the Lord, beat Murdalov in his own office. According to Kavkaz.Realii, Daudov drove up to the building accompanied by ten cars. About 40 people went out of the cars and surrounded buildings. Daudov came into Murdalov's office and began to beat him, demanding to sign a letter of resignation for health reasons. The judge refused to sign the document, and then Daudov's security guards joined the beating.

Later, the regional TV company Grozny broadcasted a program about this situation. Within the program people presented as eyewitnesses of the meeting of the judge with the speaker denied the beating. Besides, journalists called the person, who presented himself as Murdalov, on air and he confirmed that Daudov did not beat him.



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