Head of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in Rostov region accused of power abuse

Head of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in Rostov region accused of power abuse
Sergei Morgachev

Sergei Morgachev is charged with abuse of office.

Sergei Morgachev, now dismissed Head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in Rostov region, is accused of malfeasance in office. He is soon going to testify in the Sovetsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don.

The investigation believes that Morgachev gave illegal orders to his subordinates in the spring of 2015. He wanted them to carry out the internal finishing works of 2 two-room hotel premises of the Inspectorate building using their own money. In addition, he ordered the staff to make improvements in the territory adjacent to the office building, which was not provided for by the approved design and estimate documentation. The total cost of works performed was 3 million rubles ($52.000).

The Investigative Committee got interested in the situation after a video had appeared on the Internet featuring an unnamed traffic police officer, who said that the department head Morgachev had told his employees to do finishing works in the office, landscape the surrounding area and make a parking lot, all at their own expense.

Morgachev had been involved in another case before that, but as a victim. The Traffic Police official was beaten in the entrance hall of his building in March 2014. Morgachev’s Deputy Alexander Otsimik was behind the crime: he paid Shaykhav Gajiyev from Astrakhan to develop and implement a criminal plan to attack Morgachev.

The Voroshilovsky District Court sentenced Otsimik to 10 years of strict-regime colony and a fine of almost 48 million rubles ($832.500). In addition, Otsimik was supposed to pay a compensation of 3 million rubles ($52.000) to Morgachev.



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