Head of oil company commits suicide in Barvikha

Head of oil company commits suicide in Barvikha

Entrepreneur’s relatives say he had no problems.

The owner of the East European Siberian Oil Company, Vyacheslav Shevchenko, 62, shot himself with an award pistol at a dacha in Barvikha, 365NEWS reports. According to the entrepreneur’s wife, she woke up from a loud bang and saw the bloodied body of her husband next to her.

According to Shevchenko’s relatives, he had no reason for suicide: he had no problems with his health, family or business.

Shevchenko is known for deceiving the head of the African Middle East Petroleum company, Fakhri Abdelnur, the nepwhew of the UN Secretary General Butros Gali. In the 90s, Abdelnur who was planning to launch a fuel business in Russia. Then Shevchenko managed the oil company Venko and was supposedly close to the Minister of Energy.

The foreigner signed a contract with Shevchenko for the supply of diesel fuel with an advance payment of about $ 6 million, but did not receive the goods. In the early 2000s, Shevchenko was sentenced to 8 years in prison for swindling.



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