Navalny’s election campaign manager arrested for 10 days

Navalny’s election campaign manager arrested for 10 days
Leonid Volkov

Leonid Volkov was found guilty under Article Disobedience To Police Officer.⁠

The Simonovsky Court in Moscow decided to arrest employee of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) Leonid Volkov for 10 days for disobedience, Tass reports.

In particular, Volkov "refused to leave the premises of the fund at the request of the police, when the police carried out evacuation because of the report of the impending explosion." The message later turned out to be false.

According to the head of the Navalny’s campaign headquarters, he disobeyed the police, as at that time he broadcasted unauthorized protests in Moscow. Volkov did not admit his guilt.

In addition, the court ruled on the arrest of Memorial employee Ekaterina Melnikova, detained in the office of the FBK and found guilty under the same article, for seven days. As the agency notes, only 13 employees of the fund were detained.

Earlier, the court ruled to arrest FBK founder Alexey Navalny for 15 days for resisting police officers.⁠



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