Head of Kolomna allegedly wanted to bribe opposition candidate

Head of Kolomna allegedly wanted to bribe opposition candidate
Oleg Stolyarov

After the refusal to register for elections, the politician provided the scandalous audio recording.

Activist Fyodor Gorozhanko, who was denied registration at the municipal elections, spoke about a conversation with the head of Kolomna, Oleg Stolyarov, who allegedly tried to bribe the oppositionist. The activist provided an audio recording of the conversation, where the voice of Gorozhanko’s interlocutor is similar to the voice of Stolyarov. The conversation content is published by Znak.

“I was sitting at a meeting of the municipal electoral committee, where they considered my complaint, as Oleg Stolyarov, the head of Kolomna, started calling me,” Gorozhanko said.

The decision to deny Gorozhanko and three other candidates of registration was canceled and sent for review to the municipal electoral commission, after which the activist arranged a meeting with Stolyarov. On it, his interlocutor with Stolyarov’s voice confesses that Gorozhanko and three other candidates are disturbing him: “crazy Frolov, he looks as if, *obscenely*, he wants something, Koval and you and your wife.” Then the interlocutor offers Gorozhanko and his wife to pay 300.000 rubles ($ 5.000) each for refusing to participate in the elections, and 100.000 ($ 1.600) each to the rest.

“These receive 100 rubles each, and you and your wife 300 rubles each,” the man says. 

Gorozhanko refused. After the meeting, the municipal electoral commission once again refused to register Gorozhanko’s team, and then an SMS message was sent to cancel the refusal. “According to the law, they had no right to do so – only the court can cancel the decision of the electoral commission. Now an employee of Kolomna administration, a registered candidate, is trying to challenge our registration in court,” Gorozhanko says. 

“Such nonsense. They can say anything. He [Fyodor Gorozhanko] broke our door last time. I didn’t talk to him about these things,” Stolyarov said in a conversation with Zaks.ru.



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