Head of Knyazhevo Dmitry Kozlov beaten with baseball bats outside his home

Head of Knyazhevo Dmitry Kozlov beaten with baseball bats outside his home
Dmitry Kozlov was hospitalized in serious condition

The Head of the Municipality was taken to hospital in serious condition.

The attack on Head of the municipal formation Knyazhevo Dmitry Kozlov was committed in the morning on Friday, 2 December 2016, in St. Petersburg. According to  Fontanka citing a source in the Kirov District Police, at 11:20, the Knyazhevo Municipal Administration received a phone call with a report that 49-year-old Dmitry Kozlov had been attacked. Unknown persons attacked the official near his home located at the Innovatorov Boulevard, 24, building 2, around 10:30 and then fled in a black Toyota Camry.

Dmitry Kozlov suffered serious injuries from the blows delivered with baseball bats. It is reported that he has been taken to hospital № 26 in a critical condition.

The police explained that, as a rule, Dmitry Kozlov travels accompanied by bodyguards, but on the day of the attack, December 2, for some reason he left the house unguarded.

The police linked the attack to the commercial activity of the official, because in addition to civil service, Dmitry Kozlov might be actively engaged in entrepreneurship.

It is to be recalled that earlier, in 2014, Dmitry Kozlov was caught by the anticorruption activist from FBK on commercial activities and violation of anti-corruption legislation (at that time, he served as the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense). According to FBK, Dmitry Kozlov was combining the state service with business activity, which violates the law. As FBK claims, Kozlov is affiliated to the following companies: CJSC Stroitelno-montazhnoye upravleniye 55 (Construction and Installation Management 55) (founder), Tekhnologii sotsialnogo razvitiya (Social Development Technologies) (founder), Jannetta (Founder and CEO), Proektno-Stroitelnaya komplaniya Lider (Design and Construction Company Leader) (founder and CEO).

The activists appealed to the Prosecutor's Office to verify Kozlov’s possible violation of the current legislation.

In addition, FBK stressed that on June, 18 of 2012, the company SMU-55 owned by Kozlov, won a tender for improvement and for 2.5 months deposited 23.6 million rubles from the budget.

Also, Dmitry Kozlov was the assistant to the former State Duma Deputy from the Edinaya Rossiya Vladimir Pekhtin. Late in March 2013, Pekhtin passed the mandate, as the media reported that he owned an undeclared real estate in the United States.



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