Head of Karelian Legislative Assembly deprived of driver's license for drunk driving

Head of Karelian Legislative Assembly deprived of driver's license for drunk driving
Vyacheslav Baev

The scandalous story has been hushed up for a long time. Vyacheslav Baev himself tried to sweep it under the rug, and now he intends to appeal the court decision.

The Petrozavodsky Court has deprived Head of the Legislative Assembly of Karelia Vyacheslav Baev of his driver's license for drunk driving.

There have been numerous attempts to prevent the case against the high-ranking official from going public. According to Petrozavodsk govorit, Vyacheslav Baev was caught drunk driving on May 21. At about 21.30, a traffic police stopped Volkswagen Touareg driven by the head of the Karelian Legislative Assembly on the Lenin prospect. The policeman suspected that the driver was drunk, as the man smelled distinctly of alcohol. Moreover, the car owner was just barely standing on his feet, and his speech was slurry. Baev refused to undergo a medical examination, confirming this with a personal signature in the protocol. In fact, such a refusal in itself is an administrative offense (Article 12.26 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offenses).

At the court session, Vyacheslav Baev fully acknowledged his guilt and did not challenge the administrative materials drawn up against him. The court sentenced the head of the Legislative Assembly to a fine of 30 thousand rubles ($525) and stripped him of the right to drive vehicles for the shortest possible period, that is, 1 year and 6 months.

However, the decision of the world court has not yet entered into force, as Baev had announced his intention to appeal the verdict. For now, it is not very clear on what grounds.

Petrozavodsk govorit notes that initially there were numerous attempts to hush up the case against the politician. A great deal of administrative resources, which the head of the Karelian parliament undoubtedly has, was invested in this. Fortunately, the law enforcement agencies did not give in to persistent requests to softpedal it.



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