Head of Karelian state vehicular control arrested for beating subordinate

Head of Karelian state vehicular control arrested for beating subordinate
Raphail Galikeev

The Petrozavodsk City Court arrested Head of the Administration of state vehicular control (Avtodornadzor) in Karelia Raphail Galikeev for a period of 2 months on suspicion of malfeasance.

Interfax notes that Galikeev is accused of using violence to subordinates and of abuse of authority. The investigation petitioned on the arrest of the high-ranking official until March, 26.

According to the investigation, in February 2016, Head of the Avtodornadzor Galikeev, as well as the heads of the motor and road management departments called the subordinate to the office for questioning and beat him. In addition, the suspects, according to investigators, entered into a criminal conspiracy with the purpose of personal enrichment. By purchasing a tow truck, they handed him over to the controlled company for the transportation of seized for violation of the regime of the weight trucks to the auto impound.

According to the regional department of the ICR, derived from the businessmen, whom towing services were imposed on, money was transferred to accounts controlled by one of the suspects’ legal entity. Earlier, the press service of the Investigative Committee in Karelia reported on the detention of Head of the Department of road transport and road supervision Denis Krasnopevtsev and Avtodornadzor Deputy Head Evgeny Shelkovnikov. They are suspected of receiving bribes from a businessman in the form of alcoholic beverages in the amount of 20 thousand rubles.



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