Head of Kaliningrad Region connected with Rostech through his eminent relative

Head of Kaliningrad Region connected with Rostech through his eminent relative
The Acting Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alihanov

Media and social activists have learned about the interests of the Acting Governor Anton Alikhanov after investigating the business of his relatives.

The new interim Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alihanov is the husband of the granddaughter of Mogeli Khubutia, who holds the position of the Chief Physician in the Research Institute named after Sklifosovsky. And through his family, he is connected with the State Corporation Rostekh. This was stated by the Deputy Director of Transparency International Russia Ilya Shumanov, who has studied the business of the Governor’s relatives.

Alikhanov’s kinship with the famous surgeon was established by the publication New Kaliningrad which examined the social networks of the Governor and his wife, 29-year-old Daria Abramova. Mogeli (Anzor) Khubutia’s relative, as found by Shumanov, is Mikhail Khubutia, the leader of the Georgian Diaspora and the owner of the weapons network Kolchuga (Mail) and the company Rosimpeks which calls itself one of the largest suppliers of hunting and sporting weapons in Russia. The co-owner of Rosimpeks in turn, is Eduard Yoffe, who holds the position of the CEO Advisor for Commercial Affairs of the Kalashnikov concern, included in the state corporation Russian Technologies.

Михаил Хубутия

Businessman Mikhail Khubutia. Photo by Kommersant

Perhaps, Alikhanov’s connection with Rostech is too complicated, but immediately after his appointment, the first thing the interim Governor did was visiting the Kaliningrad Amber Plant, owned by Rostech. In the potential area of ​​interest of the state corporation there are also the factory Yantar included in the Obyedinennaya sudostroitelnaya korporatsiya (JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation), and one of the largest car manufacturers in the Russia, the automotive holding Avtotor.

It is also noteworthy that Mikhael Khubutia owns many development projects and real estate in Moscow, which he got in the days of Yuri Luzhkov. One of the first official meetings of the new Governor Alikhanov was with the ex-Mayor of the capital.

It is to be recalled that the youngest among the governors Anton Alikhanov was appointed the acting Head of the Kaliningrad Region on 6 October. The 24-year-old Alikhanov began working in the Ministry of Justice; in 2013, he joined the civil service in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The last few months before the appointment to Kaliningrad, he was the Acting Director of the Department of state regulation of foreign trade activities of Russian Industry and Trade Ministry. Before him, the Region was managed by a former bodyguard of the President Vladimir Putin Evgeny Zinichev, who has worked at the Governor's Office for a little more than two months.



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