Head of ID ICR in Surgut knocked down and killed woman

Head of ID ICR in Surgut knocked down and killed woman

The examination will establish whether the high-ranking employee of the Investigative Committee was in the state of alcoholic intoxication at the time of the accident.

On the night of November 12 in Surgut the Acting Head of the Surgut Investigative Department Aleksey Marochkin knocked a woman while driving his Mercedes Benz on Nefteyugansk highway near shopping center Aura. 45-year-old victim died at the scene from the injuries, according to K-Inform.

Criminal proceedings were instituted under the article Road Traffic Offence Which Entailed the Death of the Person on Imprudence. The complex of investigative actions is carried out, circumstances of accident are being established. Judicial examination, which will establish if the driver was drunk, was appointed. Investigation of the criminal case is on personal control of the Head of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Yugra Arkady Syngayevsky.

It is reported that during the preliminary inquiry it was established that the victim was walking on a roadside together with her husband in the same direction to the passing transport. Shortly before the couple went out from a taxi. She wore dark clothes without reflecting elements; the ICR employee might not see her. It is known that her husband was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. 



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