Head of intelligence special forces that protected Voronenkov explodes in car, Kiev 

Head of intelligence special forces that protected Voronenkov explodes in car, Kiev
The explosion power was 500 grams of TNT

Ukrainian Special Forces said the incident was a terrorist act.

A SUV exploded in Ukrainian capital this morning with Maxim Shapoval, the Head of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Main Intelligence Directorate inside. The country’s Ministry of Defense has further confirmed the reports. We know that it was his unit that guarded Russian deputy Denis Voronenkov, who moved to the neighboring country before getting killed downtown Kiev on March 23. His bodyguard managed to fire back, causing mortal wounds to the killer.

Colonel Shapoval’s direct subordinate supervised Voronenkov’s guards. He told Shapoval the security situation in details. Besides, the Special Forces led by the 39-year-old colonel actively participated in Donbass fighting. This is the only unit that can be immediately deployed outside of Ukraine since it carries out a wide range of tasks to protect Ukraine’s interests abroad and ensure the safety of its citizens outside the country. The detachment consists exclusively of officers, most of whom have fighting experience. The activities of the unit are kept secret.

It is also said that casual passers-by had injuries.

We know that the car was registered in another person’s name, and the number plate was registered for a motorcycle.

It has been said in Kiev that the pattern of the terrorist act strongly resembles what happened before, when Pavel Sheremet, a Russian TV journalist who was working in Ukraine at that time, was killed in a blown up car on his way to work.

Video: A big explosion in Kiev



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