Head of Ingush village resigned after his son poured bottle of whiskey onto bride's head  

Head of Ingush village resigned after his son poured bottle of whiskey onto bride's head
The video posted on the network outraged the whole Ingushetia

Yunus Bek-Evkurov, who heads Ingushetia, called the act of the official's son a disgrace for the clan.⁠

Head of Ingush village Ali-Yurt Rashid Gagiev left his post after his son became a hero of scandalous history.

All Ingushetia was indignant with the video posted on the network, where Gagiev Jr. poured a bottle of whiskey onto his friend's bride head. The girl at first resigned to mockery, but after a few seconds falls in tears on the chair. Note that one of the guests of the wedding wanted to protect the bride, but Gagiev did not change his intentions. By his actions, the man allegedly wanted to follow the ancient Ingush custom to ‘loosen bride's tongue’. How could such an idea come to Gagiev's head? It's not clear. In fact, there is not a hint of alcohol in the customs, let alone a pouring of the bride. According to tradition, the rite of ‘loosen bride's tongue’ takes place in the evening and consists in the fact that young guys entertain and amuse the bride, and she, in turn, must withstand, do not laugh and do not utter a word. The bride starts talking only after the guests give the money for her perseverance that she traditionally transfers to her mother-in-law.

At the incident that occurred at the wedding, Head of Ingushetia Yunus Bek-Evkurov reacted and condemned official Rashid Gagiev for the behavior of his son.

"Disrespect for the bride, shown by the so-called friend of the groom, was evidence of the fall of morals among a certain contingent of our youth and the lack of proper parenting," the Head of Ingushetia wrote in his Instagram. "It's surprising that this friend is the son of the village Head, who, alas, did not give an adequate response."

Evkurov also noted that "showing off in a drunken state of his stupid parade is a disgrace to the whole family, and even teip".

The Head of Ingushetia instructed the chief of the religious department of the administration of the Head of the Republic in all populated areas to hold public gatherings with the involvement of kadiyas, imams of mosques, representatives of the clergy and the public, in order to explain to the youth about the consequences of their actions.

Video: Derision of bride in Ingushetia

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