Head of Crimea reports Kerch shooter’s potential accomplices

Head of Crimea reports Kerch shooter’s potential accomplices
Sergey Aksenov (Aksen) Photo: Aleksander Polegenko/RIA Novosti

In Sergey Aksenov’s words, someone helped Vladislav Roslyakov in preparing of the attack on the college.

Vladislav Roslyakov who attacked the Kerch polytechnic college could not act on his own, assumes the head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. This is being reported by RIA Novosti

In Aksenov’s words, it was determined that the attack itself was carried out by Roslyakov alone, however, in the head of Crimea’s opinion, he could not prepare for it on his own. Aksenov emphasized that at the present time, the intelligence services’ number one priority is to identify the potential organizers of the mass shooting. 

The National Anti-Terrorist Committee had earlier stated that there might be organizers and other perpetrators of the attack on the college. 

Aleksander Talipov, a local public figure, stated on air on Dozhd TV-channel (TV-Rain) that according to witnesses, the shots were fired from different spots within the college. Thus, the murderer wasn’t acting alone. 

“The witnesses say that there were both shooting from a rifle and automatic weapon,” Talipov reported. He emphasized the fact that a few witnesses state that the shooting was taking place at various spots within the college. 

The attack on the Kerch polytechnic college took place in the daytime, on October 17. The 18-year-old and 4-year student started shooting in the college and detonated several bombs. 21 persons died, and more than 50 were injured following the incident. 

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case for a terrorist act (article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) with reclassifying it as mass murder (item 2 of article 105) later. 



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