Head of Cheboksary became defendant in criminal case

Head of Cheboksary became defendant in criminal case
Head of Cheboksary Irina Klementyeva

Irina Klementyeva was suspected of official power abuse.

Criminal case is initiated against Mayor of Cheboksary Irina Klementyeva. She is suspected of official power abuse when carrying out transactions with the municipal real estate. So far two episodes are involved in case, the press service of the Investigative Committee of Russia reported.

According to the version of the investigation, Klementyeva, holding a position of the CEO of municipal insurance company in 2013, leased parts of the non-residential premise of more than 370 squares of one of the companies at obviously law price - the businessman, by the way is the official's husband, he paid instead of market 132 thousand rubles a month only 80 thousand rubles. It is noted that the lease was signed without approval from general shareholder meeting.

Besides, the mayor, also on behalf of insurance company, sold to mother of the chief accountant a site over 1.7 thousand square meters for 1.5 million rubles ($26.100). The market value of the land is estimated at 4.4 million rubles ($76.500).

The investigation assessed damages caused as a result of criminal acts of Klementyeva at 5 million rubles, and the municipality received less the income in the city budget for dividends of not less than 20% of net profit of joint-stock company.



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