Head of Angara region cadet corps not save his grandson from influence of A.U.E. ideology

Head of Angara region cadet corps not save his grandson from influence of A.U.E. ideology
Head of Usolsk cadet corps Mirza Ahadov

Cases of knocking out the money to the common fund and violence continue to appear in the institution.

The ideology of Urka-Prisoner Unity (A.U.E.) continues to spread among cadets of Usolsk cadet corps in the Irkutsk region. The Usolye City Duma deputies argue that grandson of the Head of the Guards Corps Mirza Ahadov joined the ranks of A.U.E. community. It should be noted that in December 2016 68-year-old Ahadov replaced the former director of the institution, who was suspended from work after a scandal related to the beatings among students.

Regional media reacted cautiously to Ahadov. Reporters found that he had previously worked in educational institutions about 30 years and was a member of Communist party in the City Council of Ulan-Ude. In addition, Ahadov is a native of Azerbaijan, headed by an ethnic community in Buryatia. The press noted that between candidates were former employees of the Ministry of Defense, who was more suitable for the vacant post in a fierce scandal at the institution.

Meanwhile, the violence and extortion continue in the cadet corps. The regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that, on January 19, a cadet with injuries that were inflicted by another schoolboy because of a monetary debt was taken to the city hospital.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, October 2016, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of Negligence of officials (part 1, Art. 293 of the Criminal Code) in Usolsky guards cadet corps, because the educational institution management did nothing and tried to hide A.U.E. dominance in the institution. The money raised with students to the common fund, and dissent were beaten. City deputies argued that A.U.E. orders entered other corps of Angara region.



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