Head coach of FC Yenisei detained for drunk driving in Krasnoyarsk

Head coach of FC Yenisei detained for drunk driving in Krasnoyarsk
Dmitry Alenichev

According to media reports, Dmitry Alenichev got behind the wheel after a quarrel in a bar.

The head coach of FC Yenisei Dmitry Alenichev was detained while intoxicated and driving in Krasnoyarsk, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

According to the publication, the coach was detained on November 17 at about 11:00 pm on Krayniaya Street. Alenichev was driving a Hyundai car belonging to the football club. He refused to undergo a medical examination. An administrative protocol was drawn up for the trainer.

According to the TV channel 360, the trainer was returning from the bar, from where an anonymous call was made to the police about his intention to get behind the wheel drunk. Before that, Alenichev allegedly quarreled with one of the visitors of the establishment, who, presumably, acted as an informer.

The press service of the Krasnoyarsk State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate reported that on November 17, inspectors stopped the driver and asked to undergo a medical certificate, which he refused to present, RBC reports. “He cannot be called drunk, because he did not pass the necessary test,” the inspectors stressed.

Dmitry Alenichev became the head coach of the Yenisei FC in 2017. In early November 2018, the Minister of Sports of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Sergey Alekseev noted that the leadership of the region was dissatisfied with the performance of the team and did not rule out the dismissal of Alenichev. After 13 rounds in the Russian Premier League, Yenisei was at the end of the standings, having 6 points in assets.



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