"He's out of game." Putin doubts that Skripal can come back

"He's out of game." Putin doubts that Skripal can come back
Vladimir Putin

The Russian president is confident that the former employee of the GRU has no secret information.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with American director Oliver Stone, said he did not know where the former GRU official Sergey Skripal is now.

“He’s a spy, he’s hiding all the time,” Putin replied to Stone.

The Russian leader doubted that the poisoned Skripal could have any sensitive information interesting to the media.

“He's already out of the group. What information could he have?” Said the president.

Stone also asked the Russian president to comment on the version of Skripal’s poisoning by the British special services, but Putin doubted its plausibility, noting that “if they wanted to poison him, they would have poisoned him.” Putin stressed that in modern conditions it is quite easy to do. “There, I don't know, one milligram is enough,” Putin suggested.

Recall that Sergey and Yulia Skripal were found on the bench of a shopping center in Salisbury in early March 2018. It is assumed that they were poisoned with Novichok gas. The British blamed Moscow for what happened, but the Kremlin denies any involvement.

The location of the ex-employee of the GRU and his daughter is still kept secret. In mid-May, the apartment of Yulia Skripal on Davydkovskaya street in the west of Moscow was put up for sale. Three months before the car was sold.

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