Hackers broke into secret service server of FSB's contractor

Hackers broke into secret service server of FSB's contractor

The company has been working on a system for substituting Internet user traffic.

The Sytech company, managed by Denis Krayushkin, completed at least 20 secret IT projects for Russian special services and departments. BBC Russian service writes about it, the editors of which received information from hackers who hacked the server of the contractor firm on July 13.

According to the data received, the majority of non-public projects of Sytech were commissioned by military unit No. 71330, which allegedly is part of the 16th directorate of the FSB of Russia. This unit is engaged in electronic intelligence, experts form the International Center for Defense and Security in Tallinn believe.

In March 2015, the SBU accused the 16th and 18th center of the FSB of sending spyware files. E-mails were received by Ukrainian servicemen and intelligence officers.

Among the projects of Sytech there is the work on de-anonymization of users of the Tor-network, collection of information about Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn users, hidden collection of information on the Web, a system for substituting Internet traffic, through which certain users could be redirected to special sites when requested portals from the "black list."

Sytech was also supposed to explore the possibilities of developing a complex of penetration and covert use of resources of peer-to-peer and hybrid networks, network protocols Jabber, OpenFT and ED2K, which were used by darknet users and hackers.

The project Nadezhda meant the analysis of the connection between the runet and the global network. The software Nalog-3 allows you to manually remove from the information system of the FTS data of persons under state protection.

The total amount of public contracts of Sytech for 2018 is 40 million rubles ($635,000). The latest project is the development of Nalog-3 by request of Main Scientific Innovation Implementation Center.



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