Hackers blackmail footballer Mamayev's wife 

Hackers blackmail footballer Mamayev's wife
Pavel and Alana Mamayevs

If Alana Mamayeva does not pay 1 million, the unknown person will publish her home video.

The wife of arrested footballer Pavel Mamayev, Alana, complained about the threats of an unknown person who extorts money from her. As proof of this, she published their correspondence in stories on Instagram; her interlocutor wishes them to "rot" and threatens that "if he (Pavel Mamayev – Ed. PR) is imprisoned", he will do everything to make the footballer commit suicide.

Initially, it was about 1 million (it is not clear in what currency); later the blackmailer said he was ready to “mark down over” the price.

Given that Mamayev's annual income is about 2.4 million euros, the blackmailer did not talk about the ruble. Otherwise, the unknown threatens to publish the home video of the couple. Also, he stated that he knew a lot about “the escort life” of Alana.

The ultimatum expires today.

29-year-old Alana Mamayev (nee Khubetsova) worked as a model in the past. She married the footballer in 2013. The couple has a daughter, Alisa. Also, she has a son Alex from the previous marriage.

On the day of the publication of videos of the drunken brawl, arranged by Kokorin and Mamayev, it was reported that Alana filed for divorce, but she later denied it.

Recall, on October 8, footballers Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev, together with their friends, staged two brawls in Moscow. The TV host Olga Ushakova's driver and two officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade suffered.

On the eve, the court decided to arrest the players, as well as younger brother Kokorin until December 8.




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