Gypsy village near Chemodanovka catches fire 

Gypsy village near Chemodanovka catches fire
Scene of the fire

Social networks users make assumptions as to whom set the village on fire.

In the village of Lopatki, near Chemodanovka (Penza region), there has been a major fire in the houses where Roma live. Social networks users report on the situation. To recall, there has was a mass brawl between the locals and the gypsies, as a result of which a man died.

According to the EMERCOM, the fire began yesterday at 21:46 Moscow time. Several buildings burned down.

“No casualties reported,” the Ministry reported.

Social networks users assume it was an arson. The region governor and IC Head Alexander Bastrykin have already intervened in the conflict between the locals and gypsies. Earlier, Chemodanovka residents blocked the highway after a mass brawl. In turn, Roma representatives said that the residents themselves initiated the conflict.

Video: Riot against Gypsies in Penza, Gypsy houses burning, Chemodanovka on fire



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