“Guess what! He hit me in the eye!” Doctor attacks patient who asked to see him 

“Guess what! He hit me in the eye!” Doctor attacks patient who asked to see him
Photo: Video screenshot

The victim says the employee of the hospital was drunk.

Doctor attacked a patient who insisted on being seen in Bashkortostan’s Ishimbay. The patient wanted the doctor to put a neck bandage on him, reports Life. The victim Artem Agapov posted the video on social networks.

Agapov says that the day before, due to inflammation of sebaceous glands on his neck, a tube was attached, and he was told to come to put another bandage in his place of residence. The man arrived at the injury care center, but he was refused. He was told it was an elective procedure carried out in an out-patient hospital. The man was not satisfied with what he was told and continued insisting on the bandage.

After that, Agapov turned to another doctor who hit him in the eye in response to his persuasive demands. The victim says he was hit both in the eye and neck. Besides that, he says there was alcohol on the doctor’s breath.

Agapov says in the video: “Guess what! He hit me in the eye! Both in the eye and neck. He’s drunk! He smells like a distillery.”

Agapov’s mother and spouse interfered in the scuffle. The doctor said the patient sparked him off. The hospital’s employee refused to pronounce his last name. The visitor in their turn threatened to call the police. The doctor said he would discuss it when the police arrives. After that, he shut the door of his office. In the video’s caption, Agapov noted the bandage was not put on him.



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