Grandson of Marshal Konev plans to sue Comedy Woman - media

Grandson of Marshal Konev plans to sue Comedy Woman - media
Marshal of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev

TNT TV channel once again got in the center of the scandal because of jokes on its humorous show.

Comedy Woman show is again threatened with trial. The descendants of the Soviet military leaders got outraged by the old video of a humorous show, where Natalya Medvedeva joked about how she once buried a rat in the Kremlin wall, “between Yezhov and Konev.”

The grandson of Marshal Bagramyan declared to the 360 media that these words insulted the memory of those who accomplished the feat during the war. In addition, he refuted the facts about these graves. According to the descendant, the tomb of the people's commissar Yezhov is located at the Donskoy cemetery. The grandson of Marshal Konev also agreed with him. 

Relatives of marshals Konev and Bagramyan are going to submit a statement to the ICR on grounds of discrediting great military leaders by the TNT channel, where Comedy Woman show runs.

Earlier, the same ex-participant of the TV show Comedy Woman Natalia Medvedeva apologized for the joke about the Russian general Dmitry Karbyshev. The actress said that the joke was written by the writers and approved by the producers of the TV channel. She was bound by a contract that obliges her to pronounce the text that she is given. In addition, Medvedeva admitted that she had never heard of the general and considered him a fictional character.



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