Grandson of ex-AvtoVAZ vice-president responsible for accident co-owns real estate company 

Grandson of ex-AvtoVAZ vice-president responsible for accident co-owns real estate company
Egor Lyachenkov (left)

The father gave Egor Lyachenkov a share in the company Staropetrovsky-10.

The grandson of former AvtoVAZ vice-president, 18-year-old Egor Lyachenkov, who is responsible for a deadly traffic accident on Vorobyevy Gory during the night of April 13, turns out to be a co-founder of Staropetrovsky-10, a company that prepares real estate for sale, Life reports. It was the young man’s father, Deputy Head of AvtoVAZ branch in Moscow Igor Lyachenkov, who gave him a share in the company. Lyachenkov Jr. became a business partner of his father 10 days before the accident. 

According to Life, Egor Lyachenkov is registered in an elite apartment on Ostozhenka Street in the center of Moscow. Apart from working in AvtoVAZ, his father owns several companies in Tolyatti. In 2017, his company Detalstroykonstrukttsiya, which is engaged in the production of car components, earned 1.7 billion rubles ($26.4 million). Apart from Igor Lyachenkov, his grandfather and the uncle of the young man responsible for the Vorobyevy Gory accident are registered as co-owners of Detalstroykonstrukttsiya

The accident involving Egor Lyachenkov claimed the life of 22-year-old MMA fighter Bayli Kurbanmedov. Drunk Lyachenkov hit 100 km/h with a car sharing Mercedes and rammed into Kurbanmedov's Hyundai Solaris at an intersection. The blow fell on the driver's door, and the athlete died on the spot. 


Deceased MMA fighter

It is reported that there was also a certain Aleksandra K., a third year college student, in the car with Lyachenkov. Some sources say that after the accident, the young man tried to flee the scene, leaving the girl with a severe fracture of her arm in the broken car. Soon, the police detained Lyachenkov. He has been arrested for two months. A criminal case has been initiated. Lyachenkov faces up to seven years’ imprisonment for the drunk accident that caused the death of a person.



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