Grandson of CEC member buys $7.6mn apartment at the age of four

Grandson of CEC member buys $7.6mn apartment at the age of four
Boris Ebzeev

In addition, Artur Ebzeev has a hous on Rublevka.

FBK journalists have exposed the real estate of the grandson of CEC member, Boris Ebzeev, Artur, who owns an apartment worth 500 million rubles ($7.6mn) and a house on Rublevka.

According to the documents, the CEC member’s grandson bought the two-story apartment on Ostozhenka Street when he was four years old. At this time, the boy’s father Boris Ebzeev Jr. worked as a deputy director of the Pension Fund of Russia.

At the age of seven, Artur Ebzeev became the owner of a mansion on Rublevka. In addition, he previously owned another apartment in the Krylatsky district, but before buying a house, he sold this apartment through an offshore on the British Isles.

It is known that Ebzeev Sr. took part in the meetings of the CEC, examining the complaints of independent candidates about non-admission to the elections:

“Yes, it is us who press the keys, but it is the legislator who writes the sheet music. Therefore, we just couldn’t jack up the federal laws or set them aside and register candidates in the name of higher justice.”

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