Grandmother of Zhulebino schoolboy with knife on his relations with other students

Grandmother of Zhulebino schoolboy with knife on his relations with other students
Daniil Gorbatenko Photo: Social networks

Relatives of the teenager who came to school with a weapon are sure that the reason for his action was mental abnormalities that had begun to manifest themselves only recently.

The grandmother of 16-year-old Daniil Gorbatenko, who came to class with a knife and threatened to kill himself, said that her grandson was feeling uncomfortable at school.

According to her, he had studied hard until up to the eighth grade, but then something changed.

“He became antisocial and uncommunicative. Naturally, none of his classmates spoke to him. Daniil had no friends,” the teenager's grandmother told MK

She said that her grandson had recently become “out of control.” In addition, he ended up with a phobia, according to which everyone at school wanted to hurt his feelings. The woman said many laughed at the boy because of his special way of speaking. 

“In the lower grades, schoolchildren made fun of him and locked him up in the bathroom. They mocked his way of speaking. My grandson learned to speak later than others. His brain works well, but he expresses his thoughts in an extraordinary way. In the recent years, he considered school an aggressive medium. He did not take criticism — if someone scolded him, he panicked,” she said. 

The boy’s grandmother added that the teenager had been recently shown to a psychiatrist, who advised him to undergo a full examination in a specialized institution. December 7, the next visit was scheduled to take place.

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, the teenager came to school with a knife on Thursday morning. He tried to attack one of the students, and then locked himself up in a class and threatened to kill himself. He was detained thanks to his mother and grandfather — they persuaded Daniil to surrender. Psychologists have been attached to the teenager.

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