Granddaughter of former head of Moscow police be interrogated via Skype on which parent she wants to live with

Granddaughter of former head of Moscow police be interrogated via Skype on which parent she wants to live with
Ekaterina Pronina and her daughter Photo: Moskovsky Komsomolets

Currently, 13-year-old Stephania Pronina lives with her father Alexander Pronin in Cyprus. Her mother has been trying already for four years to get the opportunity to communicate with her.

As reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets, the Tverskoy regional court of Moscow will interrogate 13-year-old Stephania via Skype about which parent she wants to live with. The girl has been living in Cyprus with her father Alexander Pronin since 2014. The mother of Stephania through the court is trying to get the opportunity to see her. The woman’s purpose is to make the child appear in court in Cyprus.

Alexander Pronin since 2014 hasn’t been allowing his ex-wife to communicate with the daughter. In August this year, the child turned 13 years old. At this age “it is mandatory to take into account the opinion of the girl when deciding which parent she wants to live with,” Ekaterina Pronina emphasizes.

“Now, through the court, I`m trying to make it possible for the child at least to express her opinion freely without any fear of being punished or otherwise psychologically affected,” Pronina said.

At the court session on September 18, the lawyer of Pronina Natalya Zabrudskaya during her speech insisted on the appearance of the child in the court in Moscow accompanied by a child psychologist and a representative of the custody. “If Stephania doesn`t have time to travel, she can appear in the nearest to her place court in Cyprus.” The lawyer proposed.

The representative of Alexander Pronin insisted on the interrogation made at home. The girl’s statement in which she claims that she doesn’t want to go to Moscow and to participate in court proceedings was published as the proof. The statement was signed by the first secretary of the Russian Embassy. The judge Alesia Orekhova sided with the girl`s father and ordered to interview Stephania at her home via Skype at 11 am on October 5.

Ekaterina Pronina and her lawyer were not satisfied with this decision of the court. The woman noted that last time her daughter was interrogated in the same way in Cyprus in the presence of the mother of Alexander Pronin. Thus, in her opinion, the child was under pressure.

The former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow Vladimir Pronin lost his position in 2009 after the chief of internal Affairs Tsaritsyno mayor Denis Evsyukov shot people in the in the supermarket. Then, Alexander and Ekaterina Pronina divorced. 



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