Governor of Samara Region packs his things in wait for resignation

Governor of Samara Region packs his things in wait for resignation
Governor of Samara Region Nikolay Merkushin

In the beginning of next week Nikolay Merkushin's leaving may be announced, media with reference to sources report. As observers declare, Kremlin has several reasons for that.

The Kremlin made the final decision on resignation of Samara region Governor Nikolay Merkushin, RBC reports with reference to two sources familiar with a situation. As the first interlocutor of the portal claims, the head of the region has already begun to pack his things - he has one week to put his affairs in order. The second source meanwhile declared that Merkushin has a month.

There are several versions of resignation of the Samara Governor. One of insiders explained that the Kremlin is dissatisfied with high protest activity which could be observed in the region in recent months. Other source claims that Merkushin was “asked to leave” at the request of Rostech Head Sergey Chemezov with whom the Governor, to put it mildly, was not in especially good relations, in spite of the fact that Chemezov has brought Merkushin into policy.

As for the successor, there are already several candidates in Moscow. For example, Senator from the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov can apply for a post of the Head of the region, RBC writes.

It is remarkable that at the same time both interlocutors of the media note that Merkushin is a ‘political heavyweight’, along with such governors as Aman Tuleev and Evgeny Savchenko. Besides, Merkushin should be paid tribute - all last elections United Russia (Edinaya Rossiya) had a result 10 times higher than during the lead of a previous Governor. However, in the last year, because moods in the region have changed, according to some experts, Merkushin will not be able to stand bail for result at presidential elections.

It should be added that Nikolay Merkushkin heading the Republic of Mordovia for 17 years was appointed the governor of the Samara region in 2012. In 2014 he retired in advance to be chosen for the second term.  



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